Jembe Discography


Coulibaly, Soungalo
	1992	Percussion and Songs from Mali. Arion, ARN-64192/Melodie, 09265. 
Diallo, Yaya
	1994	The Healing Drum: African Ceremonial and Ritual Music. 
		Destiny Recordings.
Doumbia, Abdoul
	1995	Abdoul Doumbia. AKD 95. Telephone: (401) 521-3624.
Dumbia, Yamadu
	1994	Festmusik aus Mali. Rainer Polak, Oswald-Merz-Strasse 10, 
		95444 Bayreuth, Germany. 
Kante, Mamadou
	1994	Les Tambours du Mali/Drums from Mali. Playa Sound, PLS 65132. 
Rhythms of Mali
	1995	Drums of Mali: Baco Djicorni. Djenne, DJCD 1001. Dist. by Stern's. 
Troupe Folklorique Malienne
	n.d.	African Rhythms and Instruments, vol. 1. Recorded at the Premiere 
		festival Panafricaine, Algiers, 1969. Lyrichord, LYRCD 7328. 

Africa Djole with Fode Youla
	1980	Kaloum. Free Music Production, FMP/SAJ-26.
	n.d.a.	Live: The Concert in Berlin '78. Free Music Production, FMP CD 1. 
	n.d.b.	Basikolo-Ne-Ne. Recorded 1984. Free Music Production, FMP CD 44. 
Les Ballets Africains
	1991	Les Ballets Africains. Doundoumba, DDB 40001; Buda, 82513-2.
	1994	Les Ballets Africains: Silo. Buda, 92579-2.
	1996	Les Ballets Africains: Heritage. Doundoumba, 92634-2.
Camara, Ladji 
	n.d.a.	Africa, New York. Recorded in 1975. Lyrichord, LYRCD 7345. 
	n.d.b.	Les ballets africains de Papa Ladji Camara. Lyrichord, LYRCD 7419. 
	1988	Gongoma times. Issued in 1993 by Realworld/Caroline, CAROL 2331-2.
Keita, Mamady 
	1989	Wassolon. Fonti Musicali, FMD 159.
	1992	Nankama. Fonti Musicali, FMD 195. 
	1995	Mogobalu. Fonti Musicali, FMD 205. 
Konate, Famoudou
	1991	Rhythmen der Malinke. Museum fur Volkerkunde Berlin, CD 18.
		Stauffenbergstrasse 42, D-10785 Berlin. Fax: 49-30-266-29-85.
Master of the Forest
	1992	Master of the Forest: Mystique d'Afrique. African Percussion. 
		Telephone: (818) 591-3111.
Percussions de Guinee (Percussionists of Guinea)
	1990	Percussions de Guinee. Buda, 82501-2. 
	1994	Percussions de Guinee, vol. 2. Buda, 92586-2. 
Unidentified drummers from Karala
	1952	Music of Occidental Africa: Music of the Baule, 
		Music of the Malinke. Counterpoint CPT-529, Esoteric ES-529 
		(1956). Reissued in 1993 on CD along with other material as 
		African Tribal Music and Dances on Laserlight Digital, 12179.
	1972	Musique Malinke. Recorded by Gilbert Rouget in 1952. 
		Vogue LDM 30113.
Unidentified drummers from Koumana and Mandiana
	1992	Recits et epopees. Ocora, C 560009. 
	1991	Songs and Rhythms from the Coastal Region of Guinea. 
		Buda, 92518-2. 
	1995	Rhythms and Songs from the Coastal Region of Guinea. 
		Buda, 92624-2. 

	1993	Faso Denou. Realworld/Caroline, CAROL 2328-2.
Les Freres Coulibaly
	1993	Anka Dia. Auvidis, B6775.
Koko du Burkina Faso 
	1993	Balafons & tambours d'Afrique, vol. 2. Playa Sound, PS 65101. 
Ouedraogo, Amidou & Faso Tile
	n.d.	Lamogoya Cole Bobo. Koch International, 322415. 
Unidentified drummers from Bobo Dioulasso
	1990?	Balafons, percussions, chanteurs de Bobo Dioulasso. Buda, 82481-2. 

IVORY COAST (Cote d'Ivoire)
Drame, Adama
	1979	Rhythms of the Manding: Adama Drame (jembe). Recorded 1976-78. 
		Phillips, Unesco collection 6586 042. 
		Also issued in 1984 as Grem, DSM 042. 
	1986	Djeli. Auvidis, B5519.
	1987	Grands maitres de la percussion: tambour djembe. Auvidis, B6126. 
	1992	Percussions Mandingues/Mandingo Drums. Playa Sound, PS 65085. 
		Reissue of Playa Sound, PS 33525.
	1992	Marc Vella & Adama Drame: Continents. 
		Label Bleu, LBLC 2504/Harmonia Mundi, HM 83.
	1994	Percussions Mandingues/Mandingo Drums, vol. 2: Foliba. 
		Playa Sound, PS 65122.
	1995	Autres contacts. With Les Percussions de Strasbourg. 
		Harmonia Mundi/L'empreinte digitale, ED 13043. 
Unidentified Senufo drummers 
	1987	Musik der Senufo. Museum fur Volkerkunde Berlin, MC 4. 

Kouyate, Djimo
	1992	Yankadi: Manding Drum Rhythms. Djimo Kouyate & Memory
		of African Culture. P.O. Box 50042, Washington, D.C. 20091.
Orchestre Africa Djembe
	1992	The Drums of Goree. Playa Sound, PS 65104. 
Mandiani Drum and Dance
	1994	Mandiani Drum and Dance. White Cliffs Media, WCM-9326. 

Popular Music featuring the Jembe (selected examples)
Diakite, Djeneba
	1993	Piraterie. Cobalt/Melodie, 09265-2.
Keita, Salif
	1994	The Mansa of Mali...A Retrospective. Mango, 162-539-937-2.
Sangare, Oumou
	1993	Ko Sira. World Circuit, WCD 036. 

Camara, Aboubacar
	199?	Baba Moussa. Bolibana, BIP 93. 
Dioubate, Oumou
	1993	Lancey. Stern's, STCD 1046. 
Les Nyamakalas du Fouta Djallon
	1992	Guinee: Les Nyamakalas du Fouta Djallon. Buda, 92530-2. 
Soumah, Momo "Wandel"
	1991	Matchowe. Buda, 82814-2.
Soumano, Sabre
 	199?	Moussolou. Bolibana, BIP 108. 

Ndour, Youssou
	1989	The Lion. Virgin, 7 91253-2. 

I have tried to include all of the known recordings featuring African jembe players. (In the future I hope to add a section on other jembe players and expand the section on popular music, which could get very large.)